Tuesday, May 10, 2011

18 months old!

When did my baby become such a big boy???

At 21 pounds and 6 ounces (3rd percentile) and 31 1/2 inches tall (45 percentile), David is my bundle of sweetness. He loves to grab your face, pull you in close, and kiss you on the lips. It makes me melt everytime. He loves loves loves books, talks up a storm (sometimes even in short sentences), insists on doing everything Noah does even if he isn't big enough to really do so, and is definitely a Daddy's boy. He manages to remind Noah when it is "David's turn" to play with something and quick to tell me, "Noah pushing", when Noah is bothering him. He loves to play pretty independently and will often wander off into Noah's room to play with toys, even if we are in the other room. Despite being a picky eater, David always manages to figure out if one of us has left the pantry door open and starts taking things off the shelves and insists he needs to eat it, even if it is something like syrup or salad dressing. He loves our dog, Sadie, and is always giving her hugs, patting her back, and pulling her tail. He is growing up so much everyday and I really can't believe how much time has flown by!

Trying to climb, like his big brother

This is why I don't have any pictures of my boys together.....I can never get both of them to cooperate at the same time. But look at the subtle squeeze of David's arm by Noah, in his attempts to get David to cooperate and only making matters worse....

He reminds me alot of Uncle Chad as a boy in this picture, with his haircut.

Flirting with me

Trying to ride Noah's tricycle like a big boy.

Big brother, Noah, teaching David how to blow bubbles and catch them

Trying so hard

Giving big brother a hug :)

Does life get any better??

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Camping in Blanchard Springs

A month or so ago (i know, I am a little behind on my blogging these days), we took the boys camping in Blanchard Springs, AR for the weekend. Well, we intended to stay the weekend, but managed one night and day. THe boys had a blast and were pretty well behaved, but we were just a little exhausted from all the extra work that goes into camping with 2 small children. We are looking forward to meeting Bob, Maggie, Molly, and Lou in a few weeks for a repeat trip and hopefully stay longer with the extra entertainment and help for the boys :) Here are some pictures to capture the trip!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chris' Birthday Celebration

April 3 is a special day -- it is Uncle Chris' Birthday. On April 29, 1998, Uncle Chris was taken from us. For the past 12 years, Chris' birthday has been one of a silent remembrance. But this year was different. Daniel was sitting with Noah on the couch and was telling him that it was Uncle Chris' birthday. Completely innocent, Noah asked if we were going to his birthday party. From that moment, it was settled. Every year, we would do something as a family to celebrate Chris' birthday. We spent the entire day outside playing at the park, taking a hike in the canyons behind our house, and ending it with a party at Chuckie Cheese. Here are a few photos to remember that beautiful day filled with love, happiness, innocence, and family. We love you, Uncle Chris! We miss you!

Making a wish on a dandelion

Playing in the park

In the canyons

Watering the flowers

Taking a break to drink some water

At Chuckie Cheese!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Chris!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Noah is 3!!!

At 3 years old, Noah is a super big boy! He sleeps in a big boy bed, he drinks out of big boy cups, he uses big boy silverware, and he uses the big boy potty (at home and in public!). Where did the time go????

For Noah's birthday this year, we had a choo choo train party. He is obsessed with trains and cars and he picked out the theme for the party (based on a short list I offered him, of course). We had train hats and whistles for all the little guests, cupcakes, train coloring sheets, and a train pinata. Thankfully, the stormy weather held off long enough for us to have the party out in the backyard (but it was really cold). No one seemed to mind and the kids just ran around, played soccer, played tball, played in the sandbox, and blew bubbles, while all the adults had a good time catching up with one another. Me Me & Pop Pop, Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Tony, and cousin Tyler ALL made the trip to see Noah on his birthday. It meant alot to me to see all their faces and support my big boy. ANd I know it made Noah super happy to have a day dedicated solely to him. I mean, what 3 year old doesn't wish that could be everyday of his life???

Me Me, Pop Pop, Uncle Tony, and Tyler stayed for several days and the boys just played and played together. Of all the children that Noah plays with, I have never seen him play as well with anyone as he does with Tyler. They are like 2 Peas in a Pod. I wish we lived closer to one another so these boys could see each other more often :(

But to share more about Noah (since this post is ALL ABOUT HIM): He absolutely loves candy, desserts,and chocolate (totally blaming this on Daniel), he rides his tricycle at mach speed (and practically barrels into David if I turn my head for an instant), he loves to have books read to him, loves playing with David and will drop whatever he is doing to be with him, he loves cars and trains like no other, and he loves to color, paint, stamp, and practice using his safety scissors, or doing anything crafty (not sure where he inherited this from because he definitely didn't from either of his parents). Noah is a super sweet boy who still loves to sit in your lap, hug you, and seek your attention constantly. He talks SOOOOO much and I am constantly having to remind myself that he is ONLY 3 when I think I can just talk to him like an adult. Although he is the big brother and has had to adapt to no longer being an only child, he still finds his sweet ways to show his love for David by bringing David his "Elmo" or paci when he is sad, sharing food off his plate that he knows David would like, jumping up to pick up David's cup or fork off the floor at the table, and giving him hugs before bed. We love him soooo much and can't believe how quickly he is growing up!

Oh yeah, Go Red Wolves!